Remote Ticket-Entry Information:

TN 811 offers FREE training to anyone interested in entering their own tickets remotely.

The training is presented by one of two methods:

 1. Viewing the tutorial.

 2. Attend an interactive, remote training session which is offered via the internet & can be viewed from your own office.

Training, using either method, lasts approximately 1 - 2 hours.

Training will cover basic ticket entry & mapping.

When entering tickets you will receive an immediate confirmation number (ticket), start date & time.

Call or Email: 615-367-1110 x7192 or

Remote Ticket-Entry Training:

 Remote Ticket Entry, is an application, allowing you to completely enter and/or update your ticket(s), online, through a portal designed for our Remote Ticket Users. After you enter the ticket, you immediately receive your ticket number and the date/time the ticket becomes valid.


Training to use this portal is FREE!!!


To start your training, or to see if this is something that would be beneficial for your company to use, please view the tutorials listed below.


The video "Remote Ticket Entry Training Video," will introduce you to the portal and show you how to enter your tickets.


The video titled, "Updating a Ticket,", will show you the procedures to follow when updating your tickets online.


You are encouraged to watch these videos as the first step in your training.


After watching the videos, download the Training documentation. Inside the document labelled, "Users Guide", you will find the log-in information for logging into our Training Portal. Once logged into this portal, feel free to enter and update as many tickets as you would like.


The same policies must be followed when entering and updating tickets in our portal as you follow when you call in a ticket.


If you have problems logging into the training server, or have questions while entering your test tickets, please contact Judy Deidiker at (615) 367-1110 (x7192).


After viewing this information, if you feel no further training is necessary, return your "signed" disclaimers to


Your permissions will be sent and you will be contacted to finalize your log-in to the Live Portal.


If you would like a personalized training class, please email, or call Judy at,         (615) 367-1110 (x7192), to schedule your class. Classes are done online, and typically take about 1.5 hours.


While working in the portal (Live or Training), feel free to use "Live Chat" for any questions.


Training Documents


Function Key List (Keyboard Shortcuts) for Portal Use


Remote Ticket Entry Training Video

"Updating a Ticket" Training Video